The law enforcement challenges of cybercrime: are we really playing catch-up?

A quest for accountability? EU and Member State inquiries into the CIA Rendition and Secret Detention Programme

At the request of the LIBE Committee, this study assesses the extent to which EU Member States have delivered accountability for their complicity in the US CIA-led extraordinary rendition and secret detention programme and its serious human rights violations. It offers a scoreboard of political inquiries and judicial investigations in supranational and national arenas in […]

National Programmes for Mass Surveillance of Personal Data in EU Member States and Their Compatibility with EU Law

Towards a New EU Legal Framework for Data Protection and Privacy. Challenges, Principles and the Role of the European Parliament

Interdependence of the Various Initiatives and Legislative Proposals in the Fields of Counter-Terrorism and Police Cooperation at the European Level

Police Co-Operation: What are the Main Obstacles to Police Cooperation in the EU?

Quelle place pour la Gendarmerie au sein de l’espace judiciaire européen ? Internationalisation de la criminalité et coopération entre les différents acteurs de la police judiciaire, français et étrangers